Committee Group Photo

Committee Members 2018/2019

The team responsible for planning events and charting the course of MUPA!

Andy Sitoh


Hello, I am a psychology student completing his capstone project and I wish to dive into the confusing world of psychology research in the future. As a hobby, I dance salsa to relieve stress. One of the many things I dislike is being bad at something I really want to be great at. My role in MUPA is moderating committee discussions and delegating tasks to keep the association running strong.

Nupur Achara


Heyyy guyyys, I’m Nupur and I’m your MUPA Secretary for 2019-20. I’m a second year Psychology major. If you find me around campus, don’t hesitate to approach me I swear I’m nicer than I look.

Alice McCairn


Hey guys! I’m Alice and I’m your MUPA Treasurer for 2019-20. I’m a first year doing a Bachelor of Arts and majoring in Psychology. I spend most of my time lining up for a boost juice and looking for the best study

Sanskriti Thakur

Media Officer

Hey guys! I'm Sanskriti, or Sunny since I'm low-key the Sunshine of the group haha! I’m currently doing a double major in Psych and Media and Comm. I'm also the Media Officer for MUPA this year so better hide yourself before I post embarrassing stuff on you! I've always wanted a place where us psych students have a place to bond and give each other therapy (we all need it). Hope to meet you guys soon!

Jakob McKew

Education Officer

Hey everyone! I am currently doing my Honours in Psychology and I am the education officer for MUPA. I spend most of my time reading research papers and have done 5 PALS sessions with the club.

Jasmine Kaur Sareen

Events Officer

Hellloooo, how’s everyone doin’!” That’s my typical greeting y’all. So, hi! I go by the name Jasmine and identify with she/her pronouns. I am an INTJ on the MBTI Scale (read:, Except what you’ll find there, I am a paradoxical human being and I find acceptance of that fact by thinking that is my phase of existential crisis (the lies you tell yourself ((;). The cheekiest laugh with dimples on campus is mine, ahahaha! And that’s my attempt at being funny, you guys, that’s me, your Events Officer for 2019-20.

Serena Thomas

General Committee Member

Heyaaa! I’m Serena and I’m your General committee member for MUPA and (unofficially) your Vice-Events Officer. I’m a second year Criminology and Psychology student so ya girl knows the struggles too. I’m a bubbly and outgoing human so if you ever need a chat about uni or what to binge on Netflix, I got you. Hope to see you around 😊

Uliana Deshin

General Committee Member

Hello! My name is Uliana (that's pronounced 'Oo-lee-yah-nah'). I am a General Committee Member and (unofficially) the Vice-Education Officer. I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Arts with a Psychology major (naturally) and an English & Theatre Studies minor. Tip: ask me about my cat and we'll get along splendidly. 🙂

Claudia Kang

General Committee Member

Hey!! I am a year 2 Psychology and Media& Communications student helping out Sanskriti with all media related work for the club! I tend to take up too many things at once but I try my best to get myself together. I love taking photos and I also do dance during my free time that’s how you’ll find me at parties or nightclubs.