Committee Group Photo

Committee Members 2018/2019

The team responsible for planning events and charting the course of MUPA!

Amani Nasarudin


Amani is suffering through Honours in Psychology. When she isn’t, she’s doing graphics for Farrago magazine or composing music. She moderates committee discussions and delegates tasks to keep the association up and running.

Sara George


Sara dreams of being a singer-songwriter one day, but in the meantime has settled for pursuing a career in Psychology. She loves playing guitar and busks sometimes on random streets in Melbourne CBD. She’s in charge of the secretarial work, mainly consisting of emailing, managing the MUPA calendar, as well as keeping the member list data in check.

Miguel Burayag


Miguel is currently studying Bachelor of Science (Majoring in Pathology) but should really be doing Commerce. He loves spreadsheets and handling your money. Psychology wise he's a nut for clinical psychology.
"... but can we make a profit?" - Miguel Burayag on any idea

Jon Januar

Education Officer

Jon is in his final semester of a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. He has a concerning obsession with statistical inference, musical theatre, and the tiniest, fluffiest animals. He’s in charge of coordinating educational events and represents the student body in educational matters.

Jerrayl Ng

Media Officer

Jerrayl is in his second year of a Bachelor of Science doing both Computing and Psychology at the expense of his sanity. When he’s not writing fiction or making games for only himself to play, he does graphic design and media publicity for the club.

Atti Banks

General Committee Member

Atti is in his second year of a Bachelor of Science, studying Psychology and anything else he can get his hands on. He spends most of his time playing video games, bugging people to play DnD, writing, and drawing. His role in the club is doing whatever the other people tell him to do, but better.

Mabrur Rahman

General Committee Member

Mabrur is currently living the absolute nerd life, studying second year in a Bachelor of Science and living with his parents. Catch him defending psychology’s status as the best science on existence, playing Smash Brothers Ultimate or making electronic music. As a general committee member, he does a little bitof everything and a little bit of nothing.